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Do I need an appointment for my Tax Return to be handled by

No, you can simply come by and drop everything off!  It will only take a minute or two to be checked in and we will get started on processing your paperwork right away.  If we have concerns about missing information or any questions, we will reach out to you.

Is it true that you offer different packages with a set price for the most common Individual Tax Return Forms and Schedules?

Yes, this is true!  We offer five predefined Individual Tax Return packages – White, Silver, Copper, Gold, or Platinum.  If the Forms and Schedules that your tax return require fall into one of these packages (which most do), you can bring your paperwork to us with confidence in the flat rate fee of that package. These packages also include our Promise of Quality guarantee, Electronic Filing, and secure Portal space!

What happens if my tax return needs do not fall into a package?

We also offer custom pricing.  Pricing for a custom package will always be fair and will also include our Promise of Quality guarantee, Electronic Filing, secure portal space and 4 day turnaround for most returns.

What happens if it is discovered that I have an unusual transaction, one that I was unaware of, and the Form or Schedule needed is in another package?

During the preparation process, we will contact you to inform you that your tax return falls into a different package. If you choose not to change packages or pay the additional charge, all of your original documentation will be returned to you at no charge. Neither nor you will be under further obligation.

What happens if it is discovered that I have a transaction reportable on Forms or Schedules entirely outside of the packages?

If the transaction cannot be dealt with using any Form or Schedule within the system, you will be directed to seek other traditional CPA firms equipped to help you. Your original documents will be returned to you at no charge and neither you nor will be under further obligation. In a subsequent year, if the transaction is no longer occurring, you can return to and take advantage of the great package prices and quick turnaround.

What happens if I simply forget to bring in an important document when I first drop off my information?

If the missing information is detected during the quick intake process, you will be given a written reminder of what is needed. The same will occur if the missing information is discovered during processing. Either way, your file will be held up from processing and the “four day turnaround” clock will be paused until the missing information is given to us.

Do you have any tools to help me ensure that I gather all of the appropriate paperwork?

Yes!  At your request, a Quick Drop ® form can be emailed to you.  It is a simple, but thorough checklist that you can use to help confirm that you have gathered all of the necessary information.

Okay, what is this about a Portal?

To help ensure that all of your personal information is transferred between us securely, has a service that performs high-level encryption and industrial firewall protection of your data.  You simply logon to the Portal through our website and there are your tax returns, safe and sound behind seven firewalls. If you choose, you may store other important documents on your Portal. Ask us about expanding your Portal storage.

Are you able to process returns for states other than AZ and people who are moving into or out of AZ?

Absolutely!  We are equipped to process state tax returns for each state.  If you have returns to be processed in multiple states, there will be an additional fee involved, but you can have confidence that each state will be handled appropriately.

You always file my returns electronically, but what happens if I owe money this year? How do I pay it?

We make sure that this is simple. We recommend using a check to pay balances due to the IRS or the states.  We will include a pre-printed voucher and a pre-addressed envelope.  If you’d like, you can bring your checkbook with you at the time of signing and we will be happy to mail it off for you.  Direct debiting is now available to take care of this, also.

What happens if my returns are selected for audit? Can you help me?

Yes, we can and will help.  We know how stressful that can be and we will take over as much of the process as possible.  Almost any problem you might have with the IRS can be handled by our fully licensed CPA.  We are very familiar with IRS and State audits, appeals, or letters of inquiry and can assist you with all aspects of these matters. And is open all year long for assistance any time you need help. Don’t worry about attending the audits yourself; will appear on your behalf. How’s that for peace of mind?

Yeah, this all sounds good, but what about free coffee?

Okay, this is a critical need, too!  Who can get by tax season without good coffee?  We pledge to always have fresh, gourmet coffee ready and will pour you a big cup upon your request.  Free.  How’s that for great service?  We are listening America.


I need my S Corp tax return done, what do you mean by “closed books”?

Many small companies keep excellent books ready for the tax returns to be prepared from their own financial statements (income statement & balance sheet). When you drop off your information, we will determine if your books are “closed” or if more bookkeeping work is necessary. If you need additional help, we will refer you to some excellent bookkeeping companies that can close the books.

What else do I need besides “closed books”?

The items described on the Business Quick Drop® form and the Business Property Listing form found in the Business Drop Off Checklist are almost always necessary. But, then we can get busy and you will get the package price.

But, can you guys do all of those other pesky tax returns I need to file?

Well, we certainly can get you in touch with companies that handle payroll tax returns, transaction privilege tax (sales tax) returns, and even business personal property tax returns.

What if I need some “business coaching”? offers some limited business coaching on many standard tax matters. If you have an exotic or unusual transaction/activity you are considering, we will encourage you to seek out traditional CPA firms, law firms, or business advisors equipped to conduct the research and analysis needed.  For the ordinary tax situations, we will be right here, ready to help.



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