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The Story of CPAeXpress…

America spoke; we listened. 


When we asked many everyday taxpayers, “Why is tax time such a struggle?”, we got an earful! Nearly everyone had something to say about the difficulties of getting through the dreaded season. Many complained that even in November the thought of tax time looming could put a damper on the holidays. We wanted to know why. You were more than happy to tell us.

Until now, if you wanted someone to prepare your return, you had only two choices: The unlicensed store at the mall OR the upscale, traditional CPA firm. The unlicensed store hires tons of part-timers with very little experience and they force you to sit for an hour or two at their cubicle while they stumble through your information. Errors are common and you wonder, “Did I get the refunds that I should have? This person seems a little light on the skill.” You even noticed recent news about some franchised tax services being shut down for fraudulent practices. You want professional quality, but you’re not sure this is it. The unlicensed ordeal ruins the afternoon and leaves you scratching your head over a bill that is oddly high. And, then come the sales pitches…Do you want a refund loan? (Are these guys loan sharks?) Do you want that electronically filed? (More money, please) Do you want a guarantee your return is correct? (Even more money, please) Do you want us to go with you to an audit? (Oh, wait. They won’t ask this because they cannot practice in front of the IRS unless they prepared the return). You get speed out of them, but it’s hard to be comfortable about the quality or the price.    

Or, you can try a traditional CPA firm. Sure, they have the quality. Years of training, lots of experience and you don’t have to sit and wait while they prepare the returns. But appointments are necessary and then… the long wait at home begins. Sometimes it can take months to learn the results (“Do we have a refund coming or do we owe money?).  In the end, there is often an “April 14 surprise” and the bill is oftentimes astonishing. How can it take so long and cost so much?  Well, the answer lies in the way returns are completed in a traditional firm. Returns are typically placed end to end in a queue. That is, your regular return could be in line behind a family involved with sixty five partnerships, twenty two rentals, a small business out of the home, 115 stock transactions, a new trust, and a partridge in a pear tree.  You are in the queue, but you have to wait your turn.  And, layers of preparers and reviewers may be assigned to your return until it is perfect.  Then, a partner rechecks the whole thing. That’s why there is almost no way to know how long it will take or what the bill will be until the firm is finished.  You get the quality, but at the cost of speed and price. 

If you get desperate, you can choose to go it alone. You can buy tax preparation software, reasoning that it just cannot be this hard. But, after hours or days (and pots of coffee), you have no idea whether your rental depreciation is correct or where the Goodwill donations belong.  It makes you wonder if some unknown, simple error might just bring the IRS over for a visit. Time invested in figuring out the tax code and software just ate up your son’s ball game.  And by the time you pay for Electronic filing, sales tax and other hidden fees, you discover software is not that cheap.  You get fear, aggravation, wasted time and a high price to boot. Some bargain.

Yes, these are reasons why America hates tax season.  So, America, we listened! 

Now…(Drum roll, please) CPAeXpress has been designed to change all this! CPAeXpress is a fully licensed CPA firm with a new system of delivering service. Our practice is purposely limited to groups of forms, schedules and activities which can be processed for pre-packaged prices in a guaranteed four-day turnaround. You read that correctly. Flat fee pricing and four-day turnaround. Guaranteed. 

If you fit into one of our categories (White, Silver, Gold, Platinum for Individuals OR several more for Businesses), you can use our Quick Form to simply drop your documents off at our convenient store, no appointment necessary. A senior advisor quickly reviews the material for completeness and sends you on your way in minutes. The menu board displays the pre-packaged processing price (to include all forms within that package and free electronic filing when possible) and we will guarantee the return ready to transmit electronically within four days. How’s that for removing the dread? 

No waiting, no unknown pricing. Professional quality and guaranteed speed.  We really do it all.  Here are the hallmarks of CPAeXpress: 

1.     Quality
A licensed CPA will be the preparer or the reviewer of each return, so you can rest assured that the best professionals will be delivering every deduction you have coming. No compromise of quality. Guaranteed highest refunds allowed by law and guaranteed accuracy (see our “Promise of quality”).    

2.     Speed
Guaranteed four day turnaround!  From the date that you have all relevant data in the hands of CPAeXpress, you will have a completed return ready to transmit electronically in four short days, or less. A permanent printed and signed copy for your records is available on the same day.

3.     Packaged services
All forms, schedules and statements listed in each of the Silver, Gold, Platinum, and White categories are included for one packaged price. The same goes for the Business packages. That means, no “per form or schedule” pricing and no “hourly rate” pricing. If you fit, it is all-inclusive with no surprises. FREE electronic filing is included with every return (some restrictions by the IRS may apply). And there is no sales tax as there would be if you purchase computer software. We aren’t making this stuff up.

What more could we do? If we were any better, we’d pay your tax bill, too! Sorry, we can’t do that. But this tax season, let the folks who listen help take the dread out! CPAeXpress can actually make filing enjoyable. And when those other guys turn out the lights and go home until next year, CPAeXpress is still “On Duty” and ready to help! Visit CPAeXpress any time, all year long, where we make it right, we make it quick, and we make it guaranteed! Flat fee pricing and four day turnaround. CPAeXpress is listening, America.

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